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Instituto Cardiovascular de Mínima Invasión

Cardiovascular center located in the best area of Guadalajara

In the Minimally Invasive Cardiovascular Institute (ICMI), we have a multidisciplinary institute of doctors specializing in cardiology, and by forming a team we manage to treat the most complex heart diseases, with the most innovative equipment and with exceptional results. 

Since 2024, we have been part of this nucleus to offer you the best cardiology care that exists in Guadalajara, Jalisco. 

Instituto Cardiovascular de Mínima Invasión - Centro Médico Puerta de Hierro - CardioDinamcis

Why do we offer our medical attention here?

The ICMI and CardioDinamics have always been characterized by offering the best quality of care. For this reason, the ICMI is part of the Puerta de Hierro Medical Center in the Andares area, where together we can offer you a wide variety of studies, treatments, and medical care of the highest quality.

The Puerta de Hierro Medical Center is part of the Mayo Clinic Care Network, where it is possible to offer diagnoses and opinions endorsed by one of the best hospital centers in the United States. 

How to get there?


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