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The best cardiologists in Ajijic and the Ribera de Chapala

In the area of the Ribera de Chapala we have found a growing need for medical services, and cardiology is no exception. With a population of more than 50,000 inhabitants, Chapala is a multicultural city that has been growing in recent years. This has generated an increase in the demand for medical services, so many doctors have chosen to offer their services in the area.


Because of this, Cardiodinamics committed to your health, we decided to support the population in the area and be present to solve the heart problems of the inhabitants of Chapala. We have emergency care every day of the week.

Appointment with a cardiologist in Ajijic - Hospital San Antonio del Lago de Chapala

Ajijic, Chapala, Jalisco, México

Hospital San Antonio del Lago de Chapala - Cardiac catheterization in Ajijic

The San Antonio Hospital is the first hospital in the Ribera de Chapala area to have an intensive therapy and hemodynamics room, in addition to having a large number of specialist doctors who provide a 24/7 service.


We have had the opportunity to accompany the San Antonio Hospital since its foundation in 2019, with whom we have achieved joint growth, managing to serve the national and foreign population.


This site has a medical staff with excellent care, in addition to having a fully mastered English language. National and international insurance is accepted.


Find us in the office area inside the hospital.

Lakeside Medical Group - Cardiology care for international insurance in Chapala

Ajijic, Chapala, Jalisco, México

Lakeside Medical Group is a company dedicated to the care of foreign patients, which is primarily responsible for providing quality medical care and management of international insurers, with a wide range of specialist doctors. Among the services they offer, CardioDinamics has managed to solve an endless of heart diseases and solve emergencies such as acute myocardial infarction.


In addition, Lakeside Medical Group currently has a 24/7 emergency service, where you can be treated in the event of a medical emergency.

CardioDinamics - Care for international patients at Lakeside Medical Group
Dr. Sergio Morett Rivera - El mejor cardiólogo en Guadalajara y Ajijic

Taking care of your Heart

Make your appointment today at the best cardiovascular center in Guadalajara and the Ribera de Chapala

Cateterismo cardiaco en Ajijic
Colocación de Stents cardiacos en Ajijic
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