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We are part of the Medical Network of most of the most important insurers in Guadalajara and Ajijic!

Insurance patients

Attention to international insurances

At CardioDinamics, we understand that diseases can arrive at any time, so having insurance helps to avoid these unforeseen expenses. Our cardiologist in Guadalajara, Dr. Sergio Morett Rivera, is among the most prestigious insurers in our country. In addition, we adapt to the tables of most insurance companies, so that you and your family only have to worry about recovering your health. 

Member of AXA medical network
Member of GNP medical network

What to do in case of an emergency?

In the event of a cardiovascular emergency, it is recommended that you go to the hospital and call your trusted cardiologist to be treated as soon as possible.

You need to notify the insurance company of your illness, either through your insurance agent or by calling your company directly. Within the hospitals, there are forms to notify the insurer, which they will have to fill out and deliver before their discharge.

How do I make an insurance claim?

At the time of diagnosis of the disease (whether in the hospital or the office), it is important to ask the doctor for the report specifying the disease for which the claim is going to be made. It is essential to remember that the medical expenses insurance will only cover if the deductible is exceeded or, failing that, a definitive diagnosis has been reached.

How do I know what my insurance will cover?

In general, cardiovascular emergencies do not present any problem in terms of insurance claims. In the case of an illness that is managed on an outpatient basis and requires a procedure, it is necessary to schedule the hospitalization and the procedure itself by notifying the insurer through a document. Your insurance agent will be able to explain how to fill out this document and how to properly submit it to your insurance company. In due time, the claimant will be notified of the decision and the amount of the claim.

Does it cover cardiac catheterization and pacemakers?

Yes. Most insurers cover cardiac catheterization and pacemaker implantation, as long as they are duly justified.

Member of the medical network of Bx+
Dr. Sergio Morett - Cardiology in Guadalajara and Ajijic

Member of the Medical Network of AXA, GNP and BX+ Insurances

We adapt to most insurance companies.

CardioDinamics también acepta seguros internacionales en Guadalajara y Ajijic

International insurances

For your convenience, we accept most international insurance, with which we can assist you in an effective and timely manner. 
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