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We take care of it

We accept international insurances!

We have the capacity to accept more than 400 international insurance policies through our commercial partner, where we can provide you with the best care and you can only worry about taking care of your health.

Cardiologists in Guadalajara and Ajijic

International coverage

Now as part of the services we offer at CardioDinamics, we can support you through our business partners in the management with international insurers, so that you and your family only care about your health care.


We can assist you in the best hospitals in Guadalajara and Chapala.

United Healthcare - International CardioDinamics Care
ChampVA - CardioDinamics International Care
Anthem Blue Cross - International Care CardioDinamics
Cigna - International CardioDinamics Care
Tricare - International CardioDinamics Care
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