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Cardiovascular Check-Up

Cardiovascular Check-Up

Cardiovascular Check-Up

The cardiovascular check-up is a test to determine the condition of the heart and blood vessels, with a view to the prevention of heart disease.

This check-up includes different exams, among which can be mentioned:

Medical evaluation

Taking vital signs, weight, and height

Blood biometrics

Urine test

Blood chemistry

Fat profile


Cardiology medical consultation

This check-up is particularly aimed at people who have cardiovascular risk factors (such as high blood pressure, work stress, obesity, high levels of cholesterol or triglycerides, smoking, or a family history of heart disease) or people over 40 years of age.

The objective is to deepen the diagnosis of the circulatory system, and the condition of the heart and blood vessels, to assess its functioning and prevent future diseases, especially if the patient has one or more cardiovascular risk factors. In addition, the patient is advised about healthy lifestyle habits.

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