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Preoperative evaluation

Preoperative evaluation

Preoperative evaluation
  • Pre-surgical cardiovascular assessment or evaluation is a general examination that is carried out in patients who are close to undergoing surgery or surgical intervention.

    The pre-surgical evaluation aims to identify those potential risk factors in the patient to increase the likelihood of success of the surgical procedure.

    The assessment or evaluation includes a medical history, the realization of a series of questions about personal and family history, and allergies, as well as a comprehensive clinical examination that includes an electrocardiogram and a chest x-ray (the x-ray will be applied or not at the discretion of the doctor), and laboratory tests that must include at least the following:
  • Complete Blood Cell Count
  • Group and RH
  • Blood Chemistry
  • Coagulation times

Once the evaluation has been carried out, the medical team involved will proceed to determine if the patient is suitable for surgical intervention, as well as, if necessary, some treatment will be initiated to reduce the risk.

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