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La donación de sangre Mujer

Donating is Life

Most patients who undergo cardiac surgery require transfusion and blood donation. Support our patients to achieve their goal of improving the health of their heart.

I want to help

Why donate blood?

Blood donation is necessary in a large part of procedures, since the loss of this fluid largely generates severe complications in our patients. There are different types of blood, which always endorsed by a professional doctor in the area, may be compatible with certain specific patients.


At CardioDinamics we care about the health of our patients, and we decided to support them to obtain this precious resource that is blood. With support from Blooders, an association dedicated to the altruistic search and donation of blood, we offer you different ways to support patients who are waiting for surgery, or in some critical health situation.


If you want to donate blood altruistically, visit the Blooders webpage, where you can locate a donation point and know the requirements, or visit your nearest hospital that has a blood bank center.


Learn more about blood donation at the following links:

Everything for the moment :(

We still don't have specific patients to donate blood.


Don't worry, it's always possible to donate altruistically by clicking here.

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