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Appointments for Holter at the best cost

24-hour Holter Monitor

Appointments for Holter at the best cost

24-hour Holter Monitor

The Holter monitor is a device that is used to record the heart rate continuously for a certain period (usually 24 or 48 hours) while the person does their normal activities.

How monitoring is carried out consists of placing some electrodes on the chest that are connected by cables to the Holter monitor, which is a small device that can be carried in a pocket or in a bag that is hooked to the waist or around the neck. The monitor, which works with batteries, records the electrical activity of the heart or electrocardiographic activity, the heart rate, and the respiratory rate, all this without interrupting the person's daily routine.

It is a test that is applied when the doctor wants to determine if there is a problem with the heart rate and if any irregularity is suspected that a normal electrocardiogram has not been able to detected.

What considerations should I have during the study?

During the study, all daily routines can be performed safely from activities that generate splashes (including bathing) or direct or indirect blows, since the study will show artifacts on the electrocardiogram.

How can I do this study?

You can call us on any of our phones or make an appointment via the web by clicking here.

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