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Should I make a change in the treatment of my hypertension?

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Should I make a change in the treatment of my hypertension?

Arterial Hypertension and Covid-19

Should I make a change in the treatment of my hypertension?

SARS-CoV-2 (a disease generated by COVID-19) has generated a revolution in our daily routine and a great global impact. This has generated various investigations to reduce the repercussions on our quality of life. Researchers are looking for a cure for the disease. Along the way, they continue to investigate the mechanisms that generate the disease and the factors that increase the risk of a serious or fatal disease (see risk factors for COVID-19).

In the lungs, there is a receptor called ECA2, which has anti-inflammatory and blood pressure-regulating functions (they decrease the pressure by dilating the blood vessels, a beneficial situation for the body). It has been found that COVID-19 uses this receptor as a gateway to the body to generate infection in the lungs.

Among people with high blood pressure, medications with an effect similar to that of the ECA2 receptor are used. These drugs dilate the blood vessels to lower blood pressure. Some of these drugs inhibit another receptor called ACE1 (which has the opposite effect of ACE2, increasing blood pressure, among other things). With this, an adequate regulation of blood pressure is achieved and promotes the development of higher ACE2 receptors.

Before the appearance of some medical articles, the theory was generated that people taking these drugs (with a greater number of ACE2 receptors), had a higher risk of suffering from SARS-CoV-2. However, among the studies carried out, it has not been found so far that continuing with antihypertensive treatment generates an increased risk of suffering from Covid-19 disease. In contrast, discontinuing medications increases the risk of out of control of blood pressure and its complications.

International societies in cardiology support the continuation of antihypertensive treatment.


If you suffer from high blood pressure, it is recommended to continue your medications regularly.

In case of a lack of control over your blood pressure figures, it is possible to add new drugs indicated by your doctor.

Consult your cardiologist in case of any doubt or discomfort.

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