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Is there any technique to use a face mask?

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Is there any technique to use a face mask?

Techniques for placing and removing a face mask

Is there any technique to use a face mask?

As the Covid-19 pandemic has progressed, certain measures have been implemented to reduce the infection rate. Many countries have implemented the mandatory use of face masks (including some cities in Mexico, such as Guadalajara). This measure is based on decreasing the number of drops and microdrops that are expelled when speaking or breathing.

The inappropriate use of the face mask has shown that it can increase contagion from person to person, including self-contagion (by putting the hand to the face, nose, or eyes), so the appropriate technique to use the face mask is of vital importance.

We present the appropriate steps for the placement and removal of the face mask:

1. Before putting on the face mask, apply the appropriate hand-washing technique for at least 20 seconds.

2. Take the strips of the mask and place them behind the head or ears (depending on the model) without touching the front of the face, taking care to cover the nose and chin completely. In the case of a model that includes a nasal bra, adjust it appropriately to prevent the mask from sliding down.

3. Wash again with a proper hand-washing technique after putting on the face mask for 20 seconds.

4. It is important during the use of the face mask, not to touch your face at any time, as this can lead to self-contagion.

5. Before removing the face mask, perform the hand-washing technique again for 20 seconds.

6. Take the mask only from the back strips. In the case of the mask model behind the nape of the neck, first remove the lower strip and then the upper one. Immediately throw away that face mask if it is a disposable model, or wash it by hand or machine as soon as possible (reusing it without washing it can increase the risk of infection).

7. Finally, perform the hand-washing technique again for 20 seconds.

These steps are key to avoiding contagion to other people as well as yourself.

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