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Why should I stay at home?

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Why should I stay at home?

The importance of social distancing

Why should I stay at home?

Phase 3 of coronavirus transmission by the Government of Mexico was recently announced. This means that the infection rate will increase exponentially, which will generate saturation of the health system and an increase in the complications associated with Covid-19 infection.

Why is it so important to stay at home?

Sometimes there may be Covid-19 infections that go unnoticed, because there are no symptoms. The problem, with that type of people, is that they unnoticedly transmit the disease and that those infected can present complications and even death. Staying at home avoids, apart from the fact that we can get infected, spread the infection to the general population and closer people.

In prediction models it has been shown that decreasing the number of population in public spaces decreases the rate of infections, and even ensure that many people remain uninfected during the phase of the epidemic. Otherwise, when people ignore social distancing, the transmission of the disease reaches 100% of the population.

If I stay at home, do I avoid getting infected?

Staying at home is one more tool to reduce the risk of getting infected, among other measures, among which are avoiding touching your face if possible, washing your hands frequently and at specific times, use of masks for the general population when in public spaces, in addition to other recommendations.

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Although, the possibility of the general population being infected is high (the percentage of probability depends a lot on the population's attachment to prevention measures). Favoring a slower infection rate will mean that hospitals are not at their maximum capacity, and then the entire sick population could be treated. In contrast, if the rate of infections is faster (by not supporting prevention and distancing measures) hospitals will exceed their maximum capacity, leaving the most serious and older ones without treatment (thinking that they are the ones with the least chances).

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