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What will happen to my medical consultations?

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What will happen to my medical consultations?

The online cardiology consultation is a possible answer

What will happen to my medical consultations?

Social distancing measures have generated multiple changes in the way we carry out our activities of daily life. It has been tried that all possible activities are taken from home through a computer or cell phone, such as ordering at home, online purchases, banking transactions, among many other things. One of them is the cardiology consultation,

For some time medicine has been evolving in terms of exploration techniques, use of medical equipment for diagnosis and treatment, until now the development of telemedicine, even getting a doctor in one country to operate remotely in another country through technology.

The online cardiology consultation, or teleconsultation, consists of carrying out a remote medical interrogation through a computer and internet connection, in which the cardiology specialist will determine the cardiovascular health status of the patient, this through an evaluation that consists of the general visualization of the patient, mobility, type of breathing, color, state of alertness, up to physical examinations at a distance such as asking him to perform certain movements or breaths. If possible, the family may also be asked to perform certain maneuvers such as pressing in certain places, taking blood pressure or heart rate. The patient may be able to express himself and indicate where the symptoms present and where they radiate. Likewise, you can make an electronic prescription of medications to start a treatment for heart diseases you may have.

At CardioDinamics, the best cardiologists in Guadalajara, we offer you the possibility of changing your follow-up consultation for the online consultation, so that you can stay at home and we avoid the spread of the disease together. If you determine that it is a heart disease that requires urgent management or requires a face-to-face cardiology consultation, you will be told in the online Cardiology consultation to go to a hospital or cardiology office.

During this contingency, we will be offering a better price of the online cardiology consultation to support our patients, making a discount absorbing half of the cost of this consultation.

If you want to know more about this service, click here.

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