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Do you have to leave the house? We recommend the following

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Do you have to leave the house? We recommend the following

Recommendations in case you have to leave home

Do you have to leave the house? We recommend the following

The current contingency due to COVID-19 has led to an infinite number of changes in our lifestyle, among which is staying at home. Sometimes, it is necessary to go out to carry out important activities, such as buying food or medicines, or in some people to perform essential jobs (hospitals, food, transport...).

Coronavirus is a virus with high contagiousness, which means that an infected person can infect 2 to 3 people on average, but it has been observed that there are people with high contagiousness that can infect up to 16 people. Because of this, it is necessary to have multiple precautions and routines to prevent the spread of the disease.

1. Avoid going out if the activity is possible

We know that sometimes being locked up generates anxiety, and sometimes the most we want is to go out for a walk. Remember that in quarantine, apart from taking care of ourselves, we take care of others. Some options would be to postpone the activity you were planning to do or, if possible, do it online or request it at home.

2. Put on a face mask

The face mask is an artificial barrier that has been used for many years in the area of health. In the countries where masks have been routinely placed in this quarantine, they have observed a decrease in the rate of infections. To use a face mask it is necessary to place it and remove it with certain techniques to avoid self-contamination, if you want to know more click here.

3. Take a bottle of alcohol gel with you.

Soap and water are the basic tools to fight the coronavirus, but we understand that it is not as portable as we would like. It has been observed that the use of alcohol gel with concentrations greater than 70% has a high rate of effectiveness in the elimination of Covid-19. Always use alcohol gel before entering a public place (such as a supermarket), before touching your personal belongings, after finishing doing some manual activity (such as choosing fruit, carrying pantry bags, delivering the money...), before and after removing a face mask.

4. If possible, go alone.

Sometimes we don't like to go out alone, but it is important to understand that the more people go, they increase the chances of some of these people getting infected, and therefore, the whole group gets infected.

5. If you have symptoms, stay at home

This is one of the most important measures to prevent the spread of the disease. If you have symptoms related to COVID-19, the most important thing is to stay in quarantine until 2 weeks after the end of the symptoms. With this, we take care of other people and our family environments. Remember that even if you don't have serious symptoms, someone else may have them.

At CardioDinamics we have an online consultation service, in which we offer consultation at a lower price to support all our patients during this contingency. If you want to know more, click here.

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